Boat Decking

Choosing decking for a boat is an important decision as it is one that can provide durability, appeal and security. At DEKit, our goal is to provide customers with decking options that meet all those specifications. Regardless of your choice, we can provide quality decking that is installed with expert precision. Here is a look at some of the decking options offered by our team of experienced professionals.

Synthetic Materials

There have been tremendous innovations when it comes to using synthetic materials for boat decking. These options are safe and have more advantages when compared to natural options, DEKit provides a variety of synthetic deck options, which include the following:

  • Composite – Composite decking is a popular choice among boat owners as it is low maintenance, durable and is not subject to swelling or warping. Composite decking does not absorb moisture and is long-lasting. The material is tough and is difficult to tear. While it is not a natural material, it is completely safe and non-toxic. Cleaning composite decking is a simple process as it is stain and seawater resistant while also capable of being pressure washed. Storing your boat for the winter will not be a concern as composite decking is resistant to cold weather.
  • Coosaboard – Coosaboard is a great alternative to a wood option as it will not rot the way wood does over the course of time. Coosaborad decking is also very light but remains extremely durable. Water does not get entrapped in the coosaboard and that is another reason it can withstand the test of time as well as the elements that Mother Nature doles out. Coosaboard can also be used to replace wooden panels that have deteriorated or rotted. Coosaboard is actually close to 40% lighter than plywood and while it may be a bit more pricy, it is an investment that will retain its value.
  • Foam – This option provides a softer deck and uses EVA foam that is a material very different from other varieties of decking. Not only does it provide a cushioning feel, but it is also a top choice of fishermen because it drowns out sound. This type of taking requires maintenance and as long as that protocol is followed, it should be expected to last about seven years. Boaters should be aware of the time frame that comes with a foam decking option.


Boats have been outfitted with teak decking for many years as this choice provides an appealing wood look without many of the drawbacks that come with other types of wood. Teak has advantages because of its capability of repelling insects and fungus. Teak is also used on other parts of the boat for these reasons. Teak decking can hold up against rough sea weather and still maintain a clean and appealing look. Teak decking requires a specific method of installation and should not be attempted by someone other than an experienced professional. Teak decking requires a certain level of maintenance, although there are synthetic teak options that do not.

Weatherproofing Options

Boat decking is not complete without a prime weatherproofing option. This helps with the look and performance of your boat. No matter what kind of deck you choose, it is integral to provide a coated waterproofing layer to protect from wear and tear. There are many different choices when it comes to weatherproofing your deck and DEKit has you covered with the most effective and affordable choices. Weatherproofing your boat deck will give it a shine while adding the necessary protection to stand up to the elements and extend the life of your deck.