Boat Flooring

Boat flooring is a key part of your overall boating experience and one that is not taken lightly at DEKit. Choosing a particular floor is typically based on need or personal preference. We have the experience and expertise to install all types of boat flooring. Throughout the process, we will explain every step while offering a variety of options. Our goal is to give your boat the look you want while also making it functional for its intended use.

Coosaboard Flooring – This is one of the most popular options that is fast becoming a popular choice of many boaters. There are lots of advantages when choosing this option as it is an excellent alternative because of its strength. And even though it is durable, it is still a lighter option than plywood. Some other advantages include being resistant to mold. No algae will surface on Coosaboard flooring. Here is a look at more advantages Coosaboard flooring will provide:

  • Prevents water rot
  • Absorbs less then 1% of water
  • Requires no specific maintenance
  • Keeps away insect infestations
  • Resistant to mildew

Custom Boat Flooring – This option allows you to tap into your creativity and give your boat a truly unique look. We can assist in putting together a custom flooring design that will work for you. This option can increase your level of comfort while also serving functional purposes like repelling water. Custom flooring also can eliminate mildew and mold as it is also a more attractive and lower in maintenance compared to carpeting. For those who are looking for additional safety features, there are non-skid options to help alleviate the chance of an accident from occurring.

The customizations are really endless as we can meet your needs with a number of options. Some boaters are looking for a more aesthetic look while others are seeking functional and safety features. Part of customizing your flooring also involves adjusting to how your boat is used. Our professionals can base specific customizations to match your boating experience.

Marine Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl floors are common in homes and there is a marine grade available for boats. One of the advantages of this option is that it is timeless and blends well with various types of boat molding. There are also modern options as well as withered looks. Variety is at your disposal when you choose vinyl for your boat flooring. Here is a look at more of the benefits that come with the vinyl option:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Simple cleaning restores look
  • Excellent use in wet areas
  • Resistant to moisture

Add-on options

When you install new boat flooring, there also add-on options available. This can provide you with additional appeal as you can choose from different kinds of trim and molding. There are other add-ons that assist with non-slippage and can even enhance the overall appeal of your boat. There are even various items that can be included, such as helm pads, rullers and cooler tops. One of our customer associates can provide more detail on the abundance of add-ons available.

Safe, non-skid surfaces

One of our goals at DEKit, is to provide every customer with a safer boating experience. For that reason, we use only the best types of flooring when it comes to safety. Slip and falls on boats are common and while we cannot do anything to control the raging sea, we can do our part in helping with your footing. We use flooring that has been designed to ensure that slippage is minimized. Flooring should be more than just an aesthetic choice as we continually emphasize the importance of safety.

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